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CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions!

– with an FFO (Funny Flying Object) No.1

Embark on a thrilling, action-packed journey where epic battles don’t just occur in the air! Heroes move, race, and fight in the sky and on the ground at all times and in multiple Universes – 100% total action and fun – the modular game system.


Flying carpet RPG games.

And because we’re a gang of filmmakers, our main goals are excellent graphics and lots of fun in our video games.

For VR – especially on Oculus Quest 2 and PlayStation VR2 and non-VR versions on PC, PlayStation PS5, and Xbox X/S.

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  • Want to fly on the most famous FFO (Funny Flying Objectof all time?
  • Want to race, fly through interesting landscapes and fly on a carpet around 3Dmodels of world monuments, cities or the Wonders of the Ancient World?
  • Want to compete with dragonsdinosaurswizards and other mythical characters for treasures?
  • Want to play on VR (especially on Oculus Quest 2 or PlayStation VR2)? Or want to drop the VR glasses and play on PCPlayStation PS5, or Xbox X/S?
  • Want to experience a fight for survival with zombiesvampires and other life-threatening monsters? (that is … only if you meet the ESRB Rating M(Mature 17+) and don't mind a drop of blood, a bit of violence, killer monsters and some foul language ...)
  • Want to experience all this anywhere in the Universe, at any time (because the only limit is the developer’s imagination, and ours is limitless)? 

If you quietly said to yourself "Yeah, yeah...", or even yelled out "Yes, yes, yes!!!", then you and our gang of filmmakers – ANGELS PICTURES™ – are definitely on the same wavelength – and we're developing CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions! just for you!!!!

In the Angels Pictures™ team, we’re mainly creative filmmakers, so our main goals are:

1. To create great visuals for CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions! (CCMM) – we try to give our games the best possible graphic appearance in relation to the technical possibilities of each released game platformVROculus Quest 2 or PlayStation VR2, and No-VR version on PC, PlayStation PS5 or Xbox X/S.

2. To pack as much fun into our games as possible.

CCMM is initially planned as a Single-Player game with 11 language versions.

11 Language Versions: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Czech, Korean, French, Italian, Polish, Veitnamese


“Ciao, my name is Palmira…”

The characters will be detailed and captivating, and there will be many. We have a lot of experience in developing and animating 3D characters. The project concept is now presented to you by Mr. Green, Ms. Red and others, who will also of course be some of the characters in the game.

We use solutions from one of the leaders in the 3D character creation and animation industry – the iClone and the Character Creator from Reallusion to create characters and their animations.

Illustration mockups of digital covers of CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions!

CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions! (CCMM) is a modular system, with two versions of content:

ESRB Rating T(Teen 13+) and ESRB Rating M(Mature 17+).

Here are the individual parts:

CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions! – the Radix

(a basic element of the system that every player will need)

ESRB Rating T(Teen 13+). A combination of RPG and flight-simulator genres. Including sightseeing flights, races, duels against dragons, dinosaurs and wizards for treasure.

In all RPG parts of the game, the Hero descends from the carpet, running and jumping into on-the-ground adventures.

Additional modules will be distributed as packs. The following packs are planned for the current release with CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions! – the Radix (4Q/2023):

Vol. 1: CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions!

Oh, Look!

(The Beauty and Wonders of the World)

ESRB Rating T(Teen 13+). RPG and flight simulator. Models of interesting locations and the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Sightseeing flights, races, duels with dragons, dinosaurs and magicians for treasures.

Vol. 2: CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions!

Bloody Teeth


ESRB Rating M(Mature 17+). RPG and flight simulator. Sightseeing flights, races and bloody life-and-death battles with vampires for treasures.

Vol. 3: CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions!

Delicious Brains


ESRB Rating M(Mature 17+). RPG and flight simulator. Sightseeing flights, races, bloody life-and-death fights with zombies for treasures.

Vol. 4: CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions!

Roaaar! Fly or Run! Otherwise you’ll become a monster’s next meal…


ESRB Rating M(Mature 17+). RPG and flight simulator. Sightseeing flights, races and bloody life-and-death battles with monsters for treasures.

Vol. 5: CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions!

Hurray! Let’s Disappear from this Planet!

(The Future in Space)

ESRB Rating M(Mature 17+). RPG and flight simulator. Sci-fi sightseeing flights, races and bloody life-and-death battles with aliens for treasures.

Distribution of CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions! will be digital only by digital content publishers such as Epic Games Store, Steam, and others…

“Yes, we’re developing a game that’s really missing in the current lineup of all games in general. It’s a game that we definitely want to enjoy and have fun with! We’ll first release CCMM in Virtual Reality on Oculus Quest 2 and non-VR version for PC – we’re huge fans of VR glasses, we want cool games on them, and like MarkZ, we strongly believe in their future…”

We are Angels Pictures™ – a gang of filmmakers and a small independent cloud-based production studio that provides services for all digital products, including feature films, TV commercials, web and music videos, corporate presentations, video game development and 3D.


The group is made up of an inventive, talented and creative team of professionals from around the world with years of experience in the entertainment industry. Since 2017, we’ve been based in London (UK) and are also available in Prague (Czech Republic) while operating globally.

We’re also currently producing two of our startup projects – an animated family comedy “The Drummer and the Princess” and a video game – CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions! The creator of both projects is Alex Pieter, CEO of Angels Pictures™.

We’re a small independent studio of roughly 30 artists. For the success of such a small studio, it’s necessary to be as professional as the major studios and at least 10 times more innovative and creative than they are.

That’s who we are.

We just made history in the Czech Republic in May 2022 with the teaser promo campaign for our produced feature movie “The Drummer and the Princess“. We started with zero awareness from the public about the movie, and we ended up celebrating the great success of our experimental and multi-faceted teaser promotion campaign in the Czech Republic.

This video is the most viewed Czech animation teaser/trailer of all time on YouTube!

All about this experimental, innovative and multi-faceted teaser promotion campaign in the Czech Republic is here:

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May 2022 - We Just Made History!!!

A sample of the current layout of our movie – released to fans to celebrate the great success of our experimental and multi-faceted teaser promotion campaign in the Czech Republic – our video is the most viewed Czech animation teaser/trailer of all time on YouTube! The whole story of the innovative and effective campaign is HERE...



Author of the “CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions!” project

Member of MENSA International, a global association of people with high IQs

Czech producer, director, actor, 3D artist, IT specialist and programmer

24 years of experience in the entertainment industry

 The story of “CARPET CHAOS: Mad Missions!” actually started in 2017 when we began producing my project at Angels Pictures™ the 3D feature animated film “The Drummer and the Princess”. During the course of production, we, like the entire film industry, switched from so-called offline to real-time rendering as part of the technological revolution in the industry.

One of the components of our workflow and pipeline became the Unreal Engine. After the release of the latest version of the game engine – Unreal Engine 5, and finding that only the creator’s imagination is the limit, I got the idea to create another project with these specifications:


A game that simply isn’t on the market and one we would love to play on many gaming platforms – VR(Oculus Quest 2 and PlayStation VR2), PC, PlayStation PS5 and Xbox X/S.


All the sick brains on our team work exclusively with visuals, so we’ll try to squeeze as many of awesome graphic pictures into our games as possible. And we’re also counting on the fact that we’ll have to adapt to the technical possibilities of gaming platforms.


In our gang, humor and fun are the fuel for our crazy minds. That’s our second main goal – fun, more fun, and more fun…

And that’s how game development began. Really very talented and great creators make up the current Angels Pictures™ team. “